erica gray artist
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Soft Sculpture, Painting & Wearables
Erica is an artist-designer with an extensive working background within the fashion industry. She has adapted her wealth of knowledge into producing an array of stitched, moulded and assembled pieces. Initially influenced by garment design and their construction processes, she utilises similar principles to produce soft sculpture, wearables and installation art. 
Sculpture, textured and structured forms dominate her work, as does the incorporation of synthetic materials and 3D printed elements. Works that often contain reference to personal experiences, concerns for humanity, our environment as well as the treatment of animals. 
Painting is also a large part of her practice, and her technique often requires days of meticulously placed brush strokes to produce her unique detailed effects. Building up layers of acrylic tones to create depth and lustier to her work. Erica uses her imaginative portraiture style to enhance elements of exaggerated personality, layered characterisation and heightened individualism into unique stories on canvas. 
She now also creates Wearables again, having come full circle by combining her love of fashion and sculpture, Erica's unique style and fresh approach to design is informed by her interests in exotic materials, natural structures and incorporated 3D technologies. 
In 2017, further advancing her pallet of creativity, Erica introduced a new collection of bridal headpieces and accessories to her wearable repertoire. A natural progression to her worn sculpture works, this new series fully encapsulates sculpted fashion Tech-Couture. 
Erica's art pieces have been exhibited nationally and internationally, some achievements include a win in the Award for Artistic Excellence in the 2011 Strand Ephemera, a win in the Creative Excellence section in the prestigious World of Wearable Art Awards 2012 and solo exhibitions which include ‘Pipe Dreams’ at the Gold Coast City Gallery 2012, ‘Rubber gloves, sharp teeth and other pointy bits’ at the Tweed Regional Gallery in 2013 and ‘Pipe Dreams’ displayed at the Noosa Regional Gallery in 2014 and Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery 2016. 
· 2016 Placed(2nd) 3Doodler Wearables Award

 2015 First prize 3Doodler Fashion Award

· 2013 Honourable Mention WOW Awards, World of WearableArt Awards

·2012 First prize, Creative Excellence -World of WearableArt Awards

· 2011 First prize Award for Artistic Excellence, Strand Ephemera 

erica gray

An award winning artist with an obsession for 
soft sculpture, painting & wearables.

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